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a record of our failures
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in lexx's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
5:41 pm
new username.


go there, be added.
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
2:07 pm
Leave me an anonymous comment saying exactly what you think of me. (just click the button that says anonymous on the comment thingy).

Second step: Post this in your journal.

i know that not many people read my journal, but i guess maybe i just think that conditions of anonymity let people air out any issues. or something. well, it'll be interesting, if nothing else.
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
9:21 pm
holy god. this took forever. and i think it still sucks.
First, what genre of movie would this be?:
What song would you use during the following scenes? (if applicable)
Opening Scene:big brat- phantom planet
A Confession:mad world- ...
Finding out a secret:haligh, haligh- bright eyes
Giving Up:moments- the juliana theory
Left alone:the recluse- cursive
In Love:everything was you- atkins lane
In a Rage:cold cash and colder hearts- thrice
Jealousy:head club- taking back sunday
Sad Breakup:autumn's monologue- from autumn to ashes
Climax of Movie:i am the killer- thursday
Wasting Time:12:51- the strokes
Death:..but home is nowhere- afi
Dance Club/Bar Scene:talk to me, dance with me- hot hot heat
Nostalgia:soco amaretto lime- brand new
Cheating:maps- the yeah yeah yeahs
A Bad Day:at the center of the world- bright eyes
Fear:miss doe- scarlet
Murder Scene:nymphoteens- scarlet
Rainy Days:mix tape- brand new
Hopeful:independence day- elliott smith
Finding the answers to your questions:bowl of oranges- bright eyes
Sex Scene:lullaby- the cure
At night:sunglasses at night- corey heart
Closing scene:manana- los desaparecidos

4:29 pm
this gag's for you
okay, so, two times in one week is pretty phenomenal for me as far as updates. but two really funny things happened today.
story one
after lunch, some of us are sitting on the couches in the center. kent throws sam his drumstick and he doesn't catch it. the following conversation ensues:
john: there you go again sam. screwing up easy things.
sam: yeah john. like your mom.

hahahaha.. this made my day. until sociology when...
hanh: quit making fun of me-- why does everyone always make fun of me?!
mr. larkins: hanh. it's because no one likes you.

the great thing about that is that its true. tell it like it is mr. larkins, tell it like it is.
because of SOL testing, which i had already passed because i'm a dumbass in math and am retaking a course, i didn't go to school until 11 today. and then we didn't really do anything in the rest of my classes because our schedule is all thrown off.
the rest of my week will be about the same.
hot. sex.
then on friday is the last adara show ever. they played at my first show ever and i will miss them horribly, but the band is moving to california. ANNNNNNND its the motion picture demise album release show. cha ching!
and paul might come. and that, my dears, would be the rock.

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
8:48 pm
i want to tie you up, i want to pin you down
holy god. i have sunburn on my shoulders. it is so painful. my mom came home to find me in the middle of my bedroom floor shirtless, holding my boobs, and talking on the phone.
besides that, i just went to an orientation at the richmond country club for a lifeguarding position. i'm pretty much hired. the guy was like, "if you're qualified and show us you're not going to half ass everything at training, you're hired." and i asked about pay (i've gotten two offers: $6.15/hr or $7/hr) and he said that he had those beat. so, i'm hoping i get hired because i know a ton of people, they pay well, and its a nice place. i still have an interview at country club of virginia tomorrow. of course, its super ritzy, so, it might be a little bit stuffy. dude, its about $30,000 a year to be a member. whoa! crazies!
i have shitty speedo tan lines. grrrrrr.

Current Mood: productive
8:46 pm
*slaps self on wrist*
i know, i know, i haven't updated in forever. all that you poor little duckies have had to sustain you for the past couple of weeks is my really really bad poem to alyssa. so, i shall grant all of your wishes come true and update! you know you love me for this and that you're just a wee bit excited, though you hate to admit it.
life has been pretty good to me. i have my license and a car, i'm going to prom with a senior friend (ooh! i get to play dress up!), i met a new boy, went to myrtle beach, made out with an old friend.. et cetera et cetera.
right now, i'm on spring break. i was at my dad's the first weekend of it, but i still got to go hang out with chip, which was cool. he lives about a mile away from my dad's, so, i mean, daddy dearest could have but so many objections. dad was like, "oh, just take my car, have fun!" then beth comes home and is like, "jim!! what are you thinking? you don't know these people, you need to go check them out. what if they're members of the hare krishna--?!" chip's mom is the director of the midlothian ymca, i think she's pretty good as far as the not belonging to religious cults. blah. actually, i think it would sweet if they were hare krishnas. still, chip and i had fun. he tried to teach me to ride his unicycle (i swear up and down) and i just fell a lot, thus hurting my knees on his driveway.
these grass stains on my knees, they won't mean a thing
i've been in lifeguard certification class. bor-ing. luckily, the instructors and other kids are pretty cool, so it could be worse. but holy shit, the water is so cold. everyone is like, "the air isn't that bad! its in the sixties!" when i complain about having to be in an outdoor pool. yeah, but its windy and water doesn't heat up as quickly as air. so, when you're wet, the nightime temperature was 27, and there are 15 mph winds.... you get the picture. its been so cold, people's lips are turning blue. good thing we're all first aid certified, so we can treat hypothermia. jesus.
i'm getting my annual smattering of freckles across my nose. i can never decide whether i detest them or think that they are cute.

Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
6:15 pm
thank you alyssa for finding my new icon.. hope no one is offended by it. i just thought it was rad :-)
new entry tonight. with pictures! w00t bro, w00t.
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